dr vee mangaka club


Do I have to be experienced in creating manga to join Dr.Vee Mangaka Club?

No, you don't have to have experience in creating manga or any form of comics prior to starting the course, as we will be taking you by hand and guide you through the process from scratch.

I am underage but can I join adults class?

We do consider upgrading underage members to adults class if we see that you have the capabilities to follow adult curriculum. However, as we don't have restrictions to other members in their creative expression, we need to have your parents' approval with the understanding that we are not responsible for other members of the club displaying works with contents inappropriate for underage pupil during class sessions.

Am I guaranteed to be professionally published at the end of the course?

We can not guarantee you getting published by mainstream publishers at any point as the decision is not ours. What we can do is maximizing your chances of succeeding as a professional by coaching and counseling you based on our knowledge and experience, and help you network with the key persons in the industry and inform you on important career opportunities.

Do you conduct offline classes?

We don't do offline class on regular basis. When we do, it is usually announced through our mailing list or social media channels.

What language are the classes held in?

Mainly English, unless the instructor is multilingual and is comfortable conducting the class in multiple languages.

Do we learn manual or digital drawing techniques?

We can do both, but we encourage our members to first get comfortable in drawing manually.