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Profile of The Mangaka

dr vee vivian wijaya Dr Vivian Wijaya was born in 1978 Tokyo, she now lives in London as the director and editor in chief of UK's original manga magazine, Manga Big Bang!®

At age 27 Vivian Wijaya was working as a surgical senior house officer in Dublin, Ireland. Frustrated with her incongruent career choice, she decided to leave her medical job and explore the possibilities of achieving her life-long dream of becoming a professional manga creator.

Having left the medical field, Vivian had gone on to learn the art of making commercial success out of manga, undertaking apprenticeship under authors Machiko Maeyama and Kenjirou Hata, and be the first Indonesian national to make a professional debut at one of the most competitive manga magazine in Japan, Shonen Sunday. Since then, she had founded Dr.Vee Mangaka Club, and nurture the future generation of manga creators internationally using the latest technique and technology.

Having been awarded a full scholarship from the government of China to study animation in Beijing Film Academy and served as judge in numerous film competitions, she is also regarded highly in the film circle.

Dr.Vee, The Mangaka at DMC

Apart from manga in Japan, she had published comic book PramBanana, in Indonesian language and Cornu Comica, Chinese-Indonesian bilingual comic book, which had gained cult status. Vivian’s passion is to spread manga culture and help elevate it to be world’s mainstream entertainment medium outside of Japan. She is currently recruiting talents to making it a reality.

She had been invited to speak on the subject in various events including Pop Con Asia 2011, AFA ID 2012 alongside Danny Choo, National Achievers Congress Singapore 2014 in front of 5500 live audience alongside Nick Vujicic, Brendon Buchard, and Andy Harrington to name but a few.

Vivian enjoys travelling and meeting new people around the world while indulging in occasional scuba diving. She also coaches public speaking, and is writing her first non-fiction book at the moment.